Branded USB's are avaliable in a range of styles and storage capabilities

Promotional USB Flash drives – keeps you memorable to your client!

 USB's have been a must have item for anyone working with a computer for many years now and as such offer a fantastic promotional solution for any business. Small and compact they are perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and events.

USB's have various different names - flash drives, memory sticks etc - and as such come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and designs - with varying memory sizes up to 64GB. 

The branding capabilities are wide too, ranging from printing in spot colours, digital print, engraving etc.

The twister style is probably one of the most popular on the market but the eco-friendly alternatives, such as the usb's made from sustainable wood, are becoming increasingly more requested.

When considering your merchandising requirements then USB's are certainly a product to think about, being a practical giveaway that will keep your Company profile on view for a long time to come!