Giveaways for Exhibitions

The venue is booked, you have spent a fortune on an eye-catching stand, potential customers are forming an orderly queue but, what are you going to give them as a reminder of their visit?

Let Bourne come to the rescue with the range, experience and service that will ensure your event is a huge success.  From low cost give-aways to VIP gifts we will find the ideal product to suit your budget and date.

Here we show a small selection of the vast range available however, we can offer so much more.


Spectrum Notebook

This A5 notebook with coloured elastic closure and ribbon is a best seller. It includes 96 sheets of paper and a variety of stock colours.  A useful give away from £1.80 each.



Hashtag stress shape

A great selection of colours to get your message over and they can also be used as a cable tie. Fun and practical with a theme for wellbeing.  Prices from £1.78 each,




Card shaped USB flash drive

Great for customers to be able to retain the information you are promoting on your stand.  Various memory sizes available with great print areas to both sides including full colour branding.  Prices on application.




10ml hand cleanser spray

This spray pen cleans and refreshes hands (useful if you are shaking hands with dozens of people at an exhibition). Available with a good print area and colour options.  Prices from £1.10 each





Dual Car Charger

A low cost motoring gift that has dual ports and an LED ring that illuminates white light while plugging into accessory power outlet to charge personal devices. 2 colour combinations and guide prices from £2.80 each.





4 in 1 charging cable

A lightweight and practical giveaway featuring 4-in-1 charging cables with USB adapter, two micro-USB adapters, and Type-C adapter.  4 colours available with prices from £3.28 each.



Lip Balm

Well who wouldn’t use this portable and practical wellbeing gift. Lots of colour and flavour combinations and light enough for a pocket or small bag.  Prices from £1.50 each.




Screen cleaner spray

This 15 ml screen cleaner is a multifunctional item for cleaning the screen of devices. Simply spray the cleaning solution on the screen and use the screen wipe located on the back of the item.  A give away everyone can use with prices from £1.30 each.



Fold Up Bag

A novel gift for which can be used time and again as it folds neatly in to a tiny carry pouch.  Large print area and numerous colours.  Prices from £1.95 each.


Keychain light and bottle opener

A low cost, practical gift that is sure to be retained by the receiver. 3 LED’s for a bright torch with the added bonus of a bottle opener.  All supplied on a keyring attachment.  4 stock colours available with pices from £1.45 each.







Promotional Merchandise is proven to be the most cost effective way of ensuring you maximise your marketing budget.  No other means of advertising can seek out the individual recipient and create a long lasting goodwill factor.  Speak to us now on 01483 485789 to learn how to make your hard earned money go further.