Corporate Branded Notebooks


Corporate Branded Notebooks have become the “must have promotional product” in recent years.  They are a bestseller due to their practicality, relative low cost and excellent branding opportunities.  We offer many styles, sizes and features and show here a selection of popular notebooks that will ensure your brand is carried and viewed by customers on a daily basis.


Spectrum A5 Notebook

With a colour for almost any brand the Spectrum offers a great oppoprtunity to promote your logo, name or message. This is an A5 notebook with matching colour elastic closure and ribbon. It includes 96 sheets (60g/m2) lined paper. The brightly coloured PVC covered covers can be embossed or printed with a logo.  Prices from £2.50 each.


Gradient Notebook

The fading tones add a different dimension to your brand with 5 standerd colours to chose from.  A5 in size with matching coloured closure and ribbon. This notebook includes an elastic pen loop and 80 sheets of (70g/m2) lined paper. Prices from £4.00 each.




Doodle Colour Therapy Book

Part of a range of adult wellbeing colouring books, this A5 bound notebook includes 40 sheets of white paper (100 g/m2) and features colouring pages and lined paper for notes. An excellent branding area to the cover for your logo or message. Pencils available upon request. Prices from £4.00 each.


Echo Reporter Notebook

An exclusively designed handy little notebook for taking notes, without taking up too much space in your bag or pocket. It features 40 sheets (100gsm) lined and 40 sheets (100gsm) blank paper with perforated edges. Packed in a gift box. Cardboard covered with leather paper. A range of pens are available as an optional extra.  Prices from Prices from £3.90 each.



Classic Executive A4 Notebook

Big and bold and a design classic hard covered notebook (A4 size) with elastic closure and 80 sheets (80gsm) of lined paper. It features an expandable pocket at the back to keep small notes. Supplied in a Journal books gift box sleeve. Cardboard covered with leatherette paper with a great branding area.Available in silver, black, red or blue with prices from £5.10 each.


Brinc A5 notebook

This is an elegant soft covered A5 spiral notebook. It includes 80 sheets (70g/m2) of white lined paper. The PVC covers are available in black, blue red or green with a great branding area.Prices from £3.75 each.



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