Branded Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are still one of our best selling lines and let’s face it, living in the North Atlantic exposed to South Westerly weather fronts it’s not really surprising they are so popular.

The umbrella has evolved both in style and features and here we are displaying 4 new designs which will protect you from the elements and offer a unique product to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Rainshader Dome Umbrella

This Sports windproof umbrella manufactured using high quality polyester with 10 panels, two of the rear panels are ventilated to add strength and allow ventilation. Rainshader umbrellas are strong, lightweight and fitted with a comfortable rubber handle and matching shoulder carry sleeve.

  • 10 panels for adding Logo for advertising
  • 100% visibility to viewer for advertising
  • Excellent protection from wind, rain and sun
  • Substantial wind chill shield compared to other umbrellas as the dome design protects your head and shoulders
  • Gives you excellent shade from sunlight
  • Dome design, so you are unlikely to poke passersby in the eye when navigating in crowds or at events.
  • Less likely to impede vision of people sitting/standing behind you.
  • Ideal Umbrella for all occasions.
  • Prices from £19.00 each.


Reversible Umbrella

his 23″ innovative umbrella has a clever design that intentionally reverses to help keep the user dry as the enter or exit a car.

The Lima corporate umbrella actually opens ‘inside out’ meaning it’s not only easier to use when you’re in the car on a rainy day, but it also keeps the rain water collected on the surface contained, leaving the outer side dry. Once collapsed, the umbrella stands on its own, allowing any water to drain away.

With fibreglass ribs, a windproof frame and dual layer, polyester canopy and storage pouch, this windproof branded umbrella is a novel way of displaying your company logo and comes with the option to brand all 8 panels with either full colour transfer or a screen print design. Prices start from just £16 each.






LED Umbrella

Perfect for spotting and avoiding puddles and other things you wouldn’t want to step in with the built in bright LED torch.

Available in both black and grey with great branding potential on the panels, these clever umbrellas will be highly sought after by your employees, clients and just about anyone who sets their eyes on them!

The handle torch runs on 3 batteries which come included. The umbrella itself has a fibreglass shaft and ribs and comes with an inclusive storage pouch.

These brilliant customised umbrellas start from just £20 each.





Selfie Umbrella

Not just a unique piece of marketing merchandise, these brilliant selfie umbrellas are undeniably useful. Combining a telescopic umbrella with a selfie stick, this great product will keep your phone dry whilst taking photos and also doubles as a tripod thanks to it’s reversible canopy.

Available in black, as well as a range of great colours, these brilliant corporate umbrellas can be branded to reflect your company with your logo and strap line printed on to the panels. Prices from just £12.50 each.



Promotional merchandise is proven to be the most cost effective way of ensuring you maximise your marketing budget.  No other means of advertising can seek out the individual recipient and create a long lasting goodwill factor.  Speak to us now on 01483 485789 to learn how to make your hard earned money go further.