Crafted from clear acrylic, our Transparent Wireless Charger stands out as our most unique wireless charging solution yet. It boasts a powerful 15W output and a USB-C input for faster charging. These impressive features guarantee a ready-to-use and fully charged-up device, so whether you're at your workplace or enjoying the comfort of your home you'll always be boosted up with power.

It offers ample space for logo printing, so your logo will always get the attention it deserves, so much so that it also serves as an ideal branding tool.

Not only that, but this charger features LED lights which have been brilliantly placed on the outer layer of the bronze disk inside. These lights illuminate whilst it’s charging, giving it unique and mesmerising characteristics. Trust us when we say this is not a wireless charger you want to miss out on.

This wireless charger even makes a perfect corporate gift, it can also be used as an award to commemorate a special moment or achievement. This is based on its elegant design, but also its uniqueness and its ability to stand out from the crowd.

What to expect with the new Transparent Wireless Charger:

Input: Type – C

Wireless Output: 15W

Material: Clear acrylic

Features: LED lights


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