Complete 15W magnetic wireless charger, designed for simultaneous charging of smartphone, headphones and smartwatch. It is an all-in-one gadget: foldable, portable, compact in size and very versatile. It includes a set of syncing charger cables - suitable for data transfer - with Micro USB, Type C and Lightning connections. It also comes with a SIM card ejector accessory. Made of resistant white ABS and presented in an attractive, individually designed box. Instructions manualin English and Spanish available.

Manufactured according to RoHS standards and in compliance with the following safety requirements: Overheating protection system. Over-charge protection system. Blocking system to prevent short circuits.

Wireless 15W. Magnetic. Charging Cable Set Included. Suitable for data transfer. Micro USB, Type C and Lightning Connection 5V DC 3A. SIM Card Ejector Included


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