Are the prices shown on your website correct?

The prices we show are a guide to a particular quantity and for the product printed with a 1 colour design in 1 position. Prices do fluctuate and greatly depend upon the branding you wish to use so we suggest you send us your design and we can prepare a full and accurate price for you.

How do we send our logo to you to ensure accurate reproduction?

We require digital artwork to be a fully editable .eps vectorised file with all fonts converted to outline. We can also accept a very high resolution PDF.

How long are your delivery times?

A typical order can take 2-3 weeks to produce however, we can work much quicker so simply let us know the date of your event and we shall work towards this.

Do you offer samples for us to view before we commit to an order?

Yes, samples are supplied on a loan basis for 30 days after which time you can either keep and pay for them or, return them to us in good condition without further cost.

Do you deliver to other countries?

Exporting is our speciality with orders sent to over 100 countries over the past 30 years. The order process is exactly the same as with UK orders but we have the experience to ensure swift arrival to almost any destination. We shall be pleased to advise full onward delivery costs at the time of your enquiry.

What is the Origination charge in your prices?

This is the cost of preparing a machine to print, engrave or emboss your design on to the products you have ordered. It is shown as a separate cost on an initial order as if you place a future repeat order it is most likely that the cost will not apply in full again.