Compared traditional tablecloths with our fitted box tablecloth you will no longer have to hassle with tablecloth clips nor with weighing it down to make it stay in one place – especially when you are outdoors. We understand how weather can be unpredictable and time is valuable hence why our box tablecloth can be set up with ease allowing you to save time and you will not have to worry about it again letting you to focus on other things.

Furthermore, you can store items under the table which will be hidden from others due to the fitted box tablecloth providing you with a neat finish. We make sure all tablecloths are carefully hemmed with exceptional care towards the corners enabling a neat and tidy appearance. We ensure the size is precise to prevent draping corners and provide you with a professional finish.

Your chosen design will be printed onto white fabric which allows a bright and colourful print. As it is printed onto polyester this will be beneficial as it is not only wrinkle and shrink resistant, but it is also made up of strong fibres which ensures longevity if taken care of (wash care included).

This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and can also be reused!

This product is ideal for a standard 6ft x 2ft trestle table for a smart and fine look.

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