Health and Wellbeing Promotional Items

Health and Wellbeing Promotional Items are a relatively new area of merchandise but offer numerous exciting opportunities to get your brand noticed. Perhaps you are looking to target the healthcare market or offer customers and staff something quite different as a thank you or incentive. Here we feature a selection of the popular models we […]


Corporate Promotional Umbrellas

  Corporate Promotional Umbrellas have been a popular gift for decades. Umbrellas have not changed greatly but the options and branding methods have.  What better way to show you care for your customers or staff than sheltering them from the elements.  Here we feature a selection of the popular models we have available,  as ever […]


Promotional Cups

Promotional cups are one of the fastest growing sectors of the gift industry.  Practical, low cost and featuring great branding opportunities.  Here we feature a small selection of the vast range we have available,  as ever our keen and knowledgeable sales team are available to answer any questions on 01483 485789.   Protein Shaker. The […]


Fresh Promotional Ideas for 2017

      A new year is upon us and now is the time to look at some Fresh Promotional Ideas for 2017.  We have a selection of tech gifts, practical tools and low cost giveaways.  As ever our keen and knowledgeable sales team are available to answer any questions on 01483 485789.   Mini […]


Christmas Corporate Gifts

Here we look at a very important time in our industry,  the season we select and give Christmas Corporate Gifts.  It is important to get it right as everyone receives gifts in December and your choice and generosity will be compared with that of your competitors.  A few popular ideas follow which show traditional hampers […]

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts for Important Clients

This month we look closely at how to reward those all important key accounts with suitable Corporate Gifts for Important Clients.  These top buyers need special attention so selecting the right gift, for the right person at the right price needs careful consideration. Price is key as many firms now have a maximum gift acceptance […]


10 Reasons to use Promotional Merchandise

    Here we look at the top 10 Reasons to use Promotional Merchandise.  Business gifts are an established way of promoting your business. If you are unsure of it’s effectiveness in comparison to other marketing avenues we have devised this list of our top 10 reasons to use Promotional Merchandise and to remind you […]


Practical Promotional Products

    Here we are looking at practical promotional products that can be used every day in a variety of work environments.  Whether your customer is located in an office, garage, warehouse or building site we have a product that can usefully carry your brand.   Helper Illuminator. A great idea for anyone who needs […]


Travel Related Promotional Merchandise

It’s now the high season for business travel and for holidays so we take a close look at travel related promotional merchandise to ensure your brand is still in focus when your customers are out of site. Travel Mate Travel Adapter. A great idea for those that need power on the move.  A Universal travel […]


Promotional Mugs

Do you want your brand on your customers desk or in their hands, all day, every day?  Then look again at Promotional Mugs as these ever popular promotional items are practical and elegant brand ambassadors.  We have a vast range of styles, colours, sizes and materials from traditional Pottery, China to glass and durable plastic.  […]