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Graduate & Education

Whether you’re signing them up or sending them on their way, our fantastic range of personalised student gifts is perfect for making the right impression. From pots of customised sweets to badges, pens and notebooks, we offer a brilliant selection of personalised gifts that new students will treasure as they take their next step forward.

If there's one thing students love, it's a freebie. Make the mark at your university open day, throughout your enrolment process or during fresher's week with our great range of personalised gifts. Dish out branded pens and bottle opens, or put together a leavers goody bag packed with customised pots of Jelly Beans, branded mints and novelty items like badges, yoyos and personalised frisbees.

If, on the other hand, you're looking to say goodbye to your year group, be it primary leavers, 6th formers or university graduates, the end of a period of education is always a poignant time. Make sure your leavers keep a place in their heart and lives for your institution by sending them on their way with the perfect customised gift.

Our exclusive personalised Waterman Graduate Pen makes the perfect gift for prospective students, leaving them with a high quality item which they'll treasure and use as they move on in their chosen studies. Alternatively, a customised keyring torch and bottle opener makes a really handy student gift that will get plenty of use.

Whatever you choose, you'll find the perfect item in our great collection of personalised student gifts and school leaver presents.